Answers to questions

There have been several requests recently and I figured it would be helpful to answer some of them.

1) You are more than welcome to link to my blog. Please remember that if you are going to use the material that it is properly cited. Also if you plan to repost or link to the articles on another location that you notify me with the web site and article for review.

2) I have no control over how the site reacts. The site is hosted by WordPress. If there are any speed or web browser problems I have no way of fixing them.

3) RSS feeds should not be a problem since they are in the standard format. If there are problems with RSS feeds the follow by email should work just as well.

4) I have not written an e-book or been picked up by a professional site, however, I’m hoping to be picked up by them one day.

5) The left column has the links for the email updates and the RSS feed (bottom).

When I have more time I will be expanding the articles and plan to add a forum section. This is a bit time-consuming but it will be up as soon as it is ready.

Stanley Handschuh

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