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OOP Articles

New articles on Object Oriented Programming have been posted and more will follow soon. Keep looking back for new articles.


Request for the site

If there are any concepts, topics or ideas that you would like to see on the site feel free to send me a message and I will consider them for future posts.

Stanley Handschuh

Development Poll

Up and coming Articles

Hay everyone,

The current thread concentrating on Neural Networks has been completed however if there is a focus that you would like to read about I can post that in a future post.

I have pathfinding techniques coming up this week. This will build on the concepts of Neural Networking and Advanced AI’s that I have touched on recently.

Stanley Handschuh

Programming blog for the new programmer

Hay everyone,

    If programming is your passion then this is the blog for you. I will be working hard to bring concepts that will help current and future developers to produce the best possible applications with minimal difficulties. Some of the concepts I will discuss may be advanced however I do not believe that programming is easy nor should it be treated as something anyone can do. Only truly dedicated people are programmers and anyone else just fiddles with it from time to time. It is my hope that I can guide you into becoming the kind of programmer you want to be instead of the one no one wants to work with.

Stanley Handschuh